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At Yellow Tag Auctions we work to bring buyers and sellers together in our global marketplace.  We work with businesses of all types and sizes across many different industries providing valuations solutions and a proven sales channel for their idle assets.

Our auction professionals have worked for over 25 years to build an unsurpassed background for helping sellers maximize their return on their equipment, surplus inventory, intellectual property, or even a complete facility. Able to sell from your location or from one of our warehouses, we work with each seller helping them design a program that is best for them and the assets that they have to sell. We work with Global Fortune 500 companies, bankruptcy professionals, and individual owners.

I am pleased to provide a very positive reference on behalf of Yellow Tag Auctions. We have been utilizing YTA services since March 2013. YTA has been responsive, trustworthy, and consistently professional in all of our transactions. We have primarily used YTA to sell our expired or obsolete medical devices, sewn nylon product container bags, as well as miscellaneous random pieces of equipment and business items. I have had no issues and will continue to use YTA until further notice. James E. Carino 
Vice President, Operations
 North American Rescue
After 25 years as a restoration contractor, I realized the time had come to downsize my contracting and equipment rental business.  Having purchased equipment at auction for almost three decades, I knew that no auction company had ever conducted a restoration equipment sale of this magnitude. I selected Yellow Tag Auctions because they met several key criteria - a reputation for working hard for their sellers and handling all of their auctions in a professional manner, their track record for attracting bidders, their ability to manage a project this size, and their unique capability to allow me to move my equipment to their facility for auction. I have rarely seen an auction that was so well organized and was impressed with their attention to detail.  Their team has the ability to market equipment to the right buyers and went above and beyond in their efforts to insure every restoration company worldwide was aware of this offering. The final results of my auction largely surpassed my expectations and attracted over 400 buyers from 27 states and 5 countries.  They were successful at selling restoration specific equipment as well as generators, contractor equipment, and a large assortment of rolling stock including tractors, trucks, trailers, forklifts, scissor lifts, containers, command centers and more. I plan to sell equipment with them in the future and highly recommend their services. Frank Headen President and CEO First Restoration Services
On behalf of myself and members of the Ivey family, we thank you for all of the work you did on our behalf. Facing the prospects of identifying and disposing, in a commercially reasonable manner, all of the business assets which had accumulated over a 55 year period was almost too much to contemplate. Your team of professionals came in with a comprehensive plan that made business sense while relieving us of the overwhelming task of selling trucks, supplies, inventory, rolling stock, office equipment, and so much more. The manpower as well as the marketing and sales expertise you were able to bring to bear seemed remarkable at the time and is even more so in hindsight. The multiple property locations involved in the effort have all been left in a condition which allows us to market and show the properties to the best advantage. It seemed that every question we had about the process was something you could speak to authoritatively based upon your research and expertise. Thank you again for the tremendous effort on our behalf. Donald B. Wildman
I am very satisfied with the service Yellow Tag Auctions provided to Dubin Metals Inc. The photos and videos of the equipment we were selling were of excellent quality. The team acted in a very professional manner. Final settlement was prompt and there were no issues what so ever. I would recommend Yellow Tag Auction to anyone selling industrial plant equipment. Douglas Moses 
 Dubin Metals Inc

When Woolrich decided to sell the assets of our Jersey Shore, PA facility we contacted Yellow Tag Auctions.  Their team professionally managed the entire process which allowed us to focus on our ongoing business.  They were able to attract buyers from across the US and overseas, which maximized the return on our assets.  I would not hesitate to recommend Yellow Tag Auctions.

Yellow Tag Auction assisted me in the liquidation of our 15 year old family business.  After trying to liquidate the business on my own for 1 year, the guys at Yellow Tag auctioned off all of my companies assets within 30 days.  They handled business in a professional manner, which made this difficult time seem easy.  I highly recommend their services.
Yellow Tag Auctions was successful in executing a global campaign to liquidate LifeStone Materials' factory in Anderson, South Carolina, on behalf of an international ownership group. LifeStone Materials' entire plant was sold using an online auction that attracted 55 bidders from 10 countries around the world. Yellow Tag Auctions set up a process where each individual item was first bid on and then the entire plant was offered as a package. The option which delivered the better total sale value was considered the winning offer. This allowed LifeStone Materials to obtain a premium over the standard auction process. Following the sale, Yellow Tag Auctions managed and facilitated the packing, removal and shipping of the entire plant for the overseas buyer. I would certainly recommend Yellow Tag's services and would use them again. Julian Crawford Business Consulting/M&A
The decision was made to scrap a Terramite tractor used in the maintenance of Hatcher Gardens, after several years of sitting outside, idle in our nursery. Upon contacting a Garden Supporter, I was offered the opportunity to sell this Terramite via an online auction, as opposed to simply sending it to the scrap yard.  The online auction format used by Yellow Tag Auctions yielded Hatcher Garden in excess of 7 times the scrap value.  I am impressed with the services offered and very pleased with the results of the sale.
When The Radici Group made the decision to discontinue their spandex operations I was tasked with liquidating the assets.  While skeptical at first, I found Yellow Tag Auctions to be my key resource for maximizing the value we received for our equipment and machinery.  They were able to accomplish things quickly and professionally with minimum hassle allowing me to focus my efforts on other aspects of the shutdown process.  I highly recommend Yellow Tag Auctions to move assets quickly and at maximum value.